About Us

The Company

Realtors Limited opened its doors in November of 1952 with the husband and wife team of Sheila and Nick Parravicino. Over the past 6 decades our rental and property management portfolio has set us apart as the premier full service real estate company in Barbados.

Realtors Limited opened its doors at the advent of the tourism boom in Barbados and has been a key element in the shaping of the villa rental and property sales sector in Barbados.

Realtors still remains a family owned and run company to this day and continues to provide a hands on and tailored service for all of our clients. Whether you are looking to holiday in Barbados, buy a dream home or just looking for someone to oversee your investment. Our team is ready to provide you with an unmatched time tested service.

A firm foundation has allowed us to grow with Barbados since 1952 and though the real estate market has changed our values remain the same.

The Island

Barbados is called the gem of the Caribbean for a reason. White sand beaches, vibrant blue sea and friendly people, Barbados has been a desired destination for generations. Beyond the beaches of Barbados there is a rich history to be discovered.

Barbados has many UNESCO world heritage sites, the third oldest parliament in the western hemisphere which was founded in 1639 and the first statue of Lord Horatio Nelson. Along with history, visitors to the island can enjoy the local culture, craft and arts. For those who want to experience the local Barbadian flavour there is a host of restaurants, bars and nightlife which have a local flare with a luxury touch.

Most of all though the true treasure of Barbados is its local people. Barbadians are a loving, happy and helpful people and always willing to give their time to each other and to persons visiting our beautiful island home.

The Team

Our dedicated team of staff consists of a mix of long standing managers all of which have 25 plus years with the company or within the industry and a complement of younger staff which creates a perfect blend of expertise and innovation.

The company is headed up by Nephew of Nick and Sheila Parravicino, Mr. Christopher Parravicino. Our manager of Holiday and Vacation rentals is Mrs. Allison Gill who has been with the company for almost 30 years. Overseeing property sales and marketing is the youngest grandson of Nick and Sheila, Mr. Simon Parravicino. Our accounts department is headed by Mrs. Susan Sampson who celebrated 40 years with the company in 2018 and provides a customer service like no other.

Our team is like family and as such we work together to ensure our clients are taken care of like family.

Our Services

Holiday Rentals – With over 65 years of knowledge and experience in the vacation villa rental business our company is firmly established in the Barbados market. We offer a stellar track record of providing a full service to our clients with a portfolio of properties and existing clientele.

Property Sales – Since inception Realtors has been a pioneer in the development and sale of Barbados properties. From luxury villas and land to hotels and development opportunities or team offers a wide range of options for anyone looking to invest in Barbados real estate.

Property Management – Realtor’s team of dedicated property managers ensure that your investment is looked after in your absence. We believe that communication is number one and ensure a detailed log of receipts and reports is available for owners to view online in real time.

Concierge – Our concierge team is ready to ensure that what ever activities you wish to do while in Barbados will be booked and ready for you to enjoy with out having to lift a finger. Whether it be dining at the top restaurant or taking a private catamaran charter, we ensure your dreams come true. 

Property Development – Realtor’s has been affiliated with many Barbados developments from inception to sale. Ranging from land division for individual sale to building and oversight of a beachfront condominium complex. Our teams knowledge and expertise is available to all of our clients to ensure they achieve a positive return on their investment.