The Concierge Department at Realtors Limited takes great pride in providing exceptional services to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay for guests in our luxurious villas. With a keen attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our concierge team goes above and beyond to arrange a range of services including rental cars, island tours, and private chauffeur services tailored to your needs.

Rental Cars

Our concierge team understands the importance of convenience and independence for our guests. They assist in arranging rental cars, working closely with reputable car rental agencies to provide a wide selection of vehicles to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether guests require a compact car for solo exploration or a spacious SUV for family outings, our concierge team ensures a smooth process from booking to delivery, right to the doorstep of our villas. They handle all the necessary paperwork and provide detailed information on local driving regulations and popular destinations.

Island Tours

To showcase the breathtaking beauty and unique attractions of the surrounding area, our concierge team organizes a variety of island tours. They collaborate with trusted tour operators who offer carefully curated itineraries to cater to different interests and time constraints. Whether guests wish to explore pristine beaches, embark on thrilling adventure activities, immerse themselves in the local culture, or indulge in culinary delights, our concierge team curates personalized tour experiences. They provide information on tour options, offer recommendations, and make all necessary arrangements, ensuring seamless coordination from start to finish.

Private Chauffeur Services

For guests seeking a more luxurious and stress-free experience, our concierge team arranges private chauffeur services. Our professional and discreet chauffeurs provide a premium level of comfort and convenience, ensuring guests can relax and enjoy their stay. Whether it’s airport transfers, day trips, or special occasions, our concierge team ensures that guests are chauffeured in style and comfort. They coordinate with trusted transportation providers, meticulously planning routes and schedules to ensure punctuality and efficiency.